Sunday, 13 March 2011

as i am getting INSOMNIA or what?

Salam ‘alaik to all readers

1st thing, according to the previous post by me, big S, I am terribly sorry for what I did. However, I am not being sorry for the statement but the way I delivered it. I think it should be in more polite ways. I think I should put KAMI ANTI BUDAK GEMUK YANG MENYAKITKAN HATI. Baru la lengkap dan sedap mata memandang. All the statements, based on EXPERIENCE bebeh! being emotional lil' bit. 
Enough said. Let’s move on to other chapter.

At a sudden, terpikir. 
Motif, anyone? Nvm. Just, please and please, don’t put high expectation on this blog as KAMI BUDAK BARU BELAJAR. We are trying to ‘upgrade’ it as the time goes by. Btw, to all of u, beloved readers, thanks again for sticking with us. May ALLAH always bless us. The KGB really loves all of U. 


It’s 0323 in the morning. Still early to have my breakfast. Damn! Big S stuck ‘here’. I can’t sleep. Nothing to do though tonnes of house chores and homework to be done. Argggghhh! What happened to me?

Owkay la. Let’s review back my ‘pieces’ of posts. what's the point being usualwe hate fat pplwhen too many works to doannoying mewe are looking for boyFsfever vs hotexhausted and we love uncle. Nothing much. Hope they are not repetitions. Literally, I guess, KGB blog is about how usual KGB sisters in life. How we ‘walk’ thru the path of life. NOTHING COMES EASY, man! How we survive as very typical studs in the U. 

When other girls going to class, mall and everywhere wearing fancy dresses and scarf for different occasion and function, the KGB just wearing the same outfit. *Camno eden kek ghumah, cenggitu la eden kek sini. Asal eden gembiro, ado ekau kesah ko cik Esah?*

When they glad to say about how cheap their stuffs are, the KGB busy making calculation for every pennies that will spent out.*heh*

When some people ‘happily ever after’ with their boyFs around them, the KGB meet up the boyFs once a month. *let’s say, budget dorang been cut out, tak jumpe le gamoknye*. Not included, other KGB only meet up boyF at night after ten due to some reasons. *this one is a real pathetic*. 

When other girls proudly showed the world their branded stuffs in their bags, the KGB feel proud to show our nerdy stuffs in our bags. Moreover, who cares if we don’t have that MAC make up in our make up bag. I mean, not for this studs life. 

Anyhow, the KGB succeeds to have good grades in exams. 

Well done to all KGBs.  

Gosh! Honestly, my first impression towards all these lil’ fellas is DORANG NIH MESTI SKEMA NIH. CAMNE LA AKU NAK SURVIVE CENGGINI. Well. They turned to be other way around. 

How supportive they can be towards their big S and I’m so glad. *eceh..puji lebih.* They been given such brains and characters which makes me impressed.  Fine. They are not that perfect but the imperfections make them perfect in their own ways. ANNE, FIZA, I-CITY, CIK DAIYA, DALAM ATY ADA TAMAN, CIK LIN and FIFI. Thank you guys. KAMI GADIS BIASA hanya menjalani hidup yang biasa dan kami owkay!

Well2 in the well. Biasa adalah biasa. Perlu ditekankan bahawa ini blog biasa2 aje. Kami nak tonjolkan kehidupan kami yang biasa. Best ape jadik biasa nih. Tak gitu? Chillax and steady. 

Big S rase, I need to specified my scope towards writing on this blog. Tak la merapu meraban n meleret, melarat dan sebagainya. Kan?
I do think, in next post, how about we’ll make a review on the KGB’s life in person? Sounds good to me. How about the rest? Any suggestion? Oh. If u wanna make any comments and suggestion, pretty please, leave it in the comment box, would u? Thank you beautiful people!

Let’s see. Anything else to say? Hurm. Actually, there is sooo much things to write on. But I think, that all for now. goodnight MALAYSIA!

p/s 1: next time, I’ll try to make it out on how usual our rooms are. inshaAllah.

p/s 2: o Allah, please bless my man on his 36's birthday. i pray for his health and all the things around him. bring us to the right path towards u. amin ya rabbal 'alamin

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